Yes, here we are again. I told you I was obsessed! Not much to tell of my own work at the moment – but it’s coming. Thought I might mention here a couple of other avenues that are feeding my sketchbook love at the moment.

The Sketchbook Challenge. The idea is to keep checking in with this blog to inspire your sketchbook work. That then feeds your finished art pieces, eventually. At the moment I am just preoccupied with the experimental part of working in the sketchbook. Each month the talented artists who are involved come up with a theme to work too. For April the theme is Open. I’m a bit thrown. Open is just so …open!? Any assistance would be gratefully received. I guess they don’t call it the scrapbook challenge for nothing. Ok, I’m challenged.

Living art at the speed of life is another blog that completely inspires me to work in my sketchbook. I am fascinated by Pam Carriker’s technique and finish of her portraits. That’s the other thing I’m working on at the moment – honing my portrait drawing skills and developing my own style of portrait. One that is not necessarily based on a real person but that looks realistic, in an expressionistic kind of way. Pam can be found on Facebook too and has posted a great group of 4 video tutorials that show how she does it. Click here to check it out.

Alisa Burke is also one more lady who completely inspires me to work in my sketchbook. On her blog each week she posts photos of what she’s been doing in her visual diary. Beautiful.

There are so many more ways and means to be inspired, these are but a few of the very clever people out there doing their thing. Hope these inspire you to do the same. Let me know.

Now to get back to my own inspiring sketchbook…again!


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