Creativity is alive!

Wow, an extra post this week. I’m feeling relaxed, it’s school holidays, there’s plenty of chocolate around and my art room is super clean! And I am marvelling at the power of creativity to lift one’s spirits and the hope found there.

Our day began with the annual egg hunt…children racing around the house searching here there and everywhere. So much fun.

Then we sat down and drew in our sketchbooks because Nanna had thoughtfully included some posca paint pens in the Easter gift this year. My kids love to draw. And it’s lovely to watch them enjoy doing it and developing their own style and choices of subject matter.

Nanna had also given the children a Guinness Book of records egg challenge kit. You know the idea – create some kind of packaging to protect an egg when dropped from a great height. So that was the next creative activity for this Easter day. They have sat for over an hour designing (yes, in their sketchbooks) ideas and then making a fantastical invention that will protect their egg. So much fun to watch them discuss, evaluate, share and create. Their designs are quite unique and who knows whether they actually will protect that delicate egg but I’m so glad that their creativity is alive and well. And they thoroughly enjoyed the process – and seem to come more alive in doing so.


For me, today I feel more alive too. From having enjoyed this simple creative day and from knowing that this day is hope filled because He is alive. I hope there is hope for you today too, maybe in some creative way.   Happy Easter.


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