Obsessed with sketchbooks

In the last few months I seem to have become obsessed with sketchbooks. Or journals. Or visual diaries. Whatever it is you want to call it, I love them. As mentioned previously, they have such value and to anyone who will listen – “Start one!”

My obsession with sketchbooks has taken a variety of forms. Firstly, I am finding myself carrying my book everywhere…wondering how I can fit a quick doodle into my day. Last night we had some friends in for coffee and I was standing at the kitchen bench, supper half prepared with watercolour brush in hand, as they arrived. Too funny. Fortunately they are arty kind of people, they get it.

I have also discovered technological outlets for this obsession. One of them is the 1001 journals project. I think I have mentioned this previously. Last Wednesday I posted my journal to the first person on the list. I discovered this project last year sometime, signed up and then promptly did nothing about it. Oops. Life sometimes gets in the way of really good intentions. Having been reminded of it over Christmas I thought I had better close the journal rather than holding people up longer…but then discovered there were quite a number of people signed up. So, then I did do something about it. 

I purchased an A5 size hard back journal and ink washed 14 double page spreads. My intention was to journal everyday for 14 days, about the random goings on of life here. I really completely enjoyed the process. Although, the whole time I had to talk myself into letting go. It’s a big deal, you know, exposing your creative self to random strangers (…I guess a bit like I’m doing here…?) Actually it’s not that, it’s more a case of not really knowing where my creativity is going to end up. Despite all that I did let go. It’s gone. Can’t wait to see if it comes back and how it comes back. I’ll keep you posted.

Here are a couple of my pages:

Having said all that setting that small task of a page a day has been really valuable. For my creative process, for working through stuff that floats around in my brain, for just creating a space to be calm and reflective. I would strongly suggest that you try it. Don’t be pressured to enter something everyday but do give yourself a moment every now and then. See what happens. Let me know.

And if you want to join my 1001 journal don’t hesitate to sign up. It’s journal #5240. Would love to have you along for the journey!


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