More faces

Since setting myself a task of developing my portrait drawing skills there has been a fair bit of sketching going on. I think I am improving. I am being more self evaluative at any rate. And I can identify areas that need more work. On the whole I am trying new media and working on imagery and generally just having a bit of fun. I would highly recommend it to anyone. Just find a pencil and draw. Please. This lovely lady is drawn using a big chunky water-soluble graphite stick. It was so lovely to use – soft and easy to blend. A little tricky to get the details in though. I thought I might have to find a kneadable eraser or a white charcoal pencil for highlights and details. Another experiment on the way!

More faces of just random musings with a 6B grey lead pencil. I’ve been thinking about lights and shadows and how they affect the look of the features of a face. It is actually the light falling on the features that create the character and personality of the face. Just got to get over the idea that I will make it look ugly to get some personality. It’s trickier than you think!

I’m quite pleased with the last image. I was thinking about Esther (from the Bible) and so looked at a few images from others to develop the kind of feeling I wanted to portray. She strikes me as being a peaceful, patient and yet strong, determined girl who showed she was beautiful inside and out. Perhaps I haven’t quite captured that but I got to a point with this drawing that I didn’t want to do anymore in case I wrecked it…it’s always the way, hey? I will come back to her again sometime. I really enjoyed working over a woven collage of preprinted papers that was washed with gesso. It provided a great texture that allowed the pencil to blend really easily. I think it also adds interest and depth to her.

So more faces, it is for me! What kind of subject matter do you like drawing? Are you challenging yourself with something new this year? I love to see what you’re up to. Let me know.

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