The postcards…they’re gone!

This last few weeks I’ve been involved in a postcard swap with other people around the world. I have mentioned this in a previous post and I’ve been so excited about it.  Somehow in my blog travels I came upon iHanna’s blog and discovered she was organising this project. Her artwork is fun and colourful and really inspiring. I love that she would want to connect other likeminded artists around the globe. Thank you Hanna! Check out her work here.

Everyone who signed up had to make 10 postcards and were given addresses to post them to by Hanna. I decided to try to incorporate an Australian theme in my postcards, especially as they are travelling all around the world. I combined the motif of the Aussie gum leaf with my usual monotype abstract landscape ideas and have come up with something I am quite pleased with. I’ve been taking photos of my process of making postcards and saving them up to blog about them. So here are some of them!


I have made a visual record of the process that you can take a look at on my iHanna postcard swap page. You will see a photo of the back of the postcards, which I adhere a map to – to add to the authenitcity. The message I added to the back I made in an iPhone app called Red Stamp, which allowed me to add a photo of my family too.

If you want to see more, there is a record of other artist’s postcards on the Flickr group page. Take a look – it’s so great to see unique work by others. Let me know what you think. Is this something you would like to be involved in? I have loved it and can’t wait until the postcards made for me begin arriving.


10 thoughts on “The postcards…they’re gone!

  1. Ooooh your cards are fabulous! I enjoyed seeing the step by step process pictures too.

    I am getting more and more worried when I see that so many others have sent theirs in envelopes to protect them, mine have gone “naked”, I hope they survive the journey!

    1. Hi Sarah, I thought about sending mine ‘naked’ too but wasn’t sure if Australia post would like that. I love the idea of the work going through the post for all the world to see – a true travelling exhibition. I am sure they’ll arrive fine!. Thanks for your encouragement. Tonia

  2. I’m having trouble commenting on wordpress tonight so I hope this goes through! I really enjoyed your step-by-step photo documentation–thank you for sharing!

    1. Hanna,
      I just loved doing the swap. I am so grateful that you would organise it. I had not really been doing much of my own work lately and the swap was just what I needed to get back into the swing of it again. Hopefully I can pass on that inspiration to others as you have done for me! Tonia

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