I need to make something…

This has become my war cry…heart’s cry…actually maybe just the thought going round and round my brain the last few weeks. I think I’ve become addicted to drawing and it’s like if I don’t do something creative right now I might explode! I am making myself laugh as I write this. I am so glad my job enables me to feed this addiction. If I don’t do some drawing or some making I feel as if I’m not keeping up. So, it’s a win win all round. Actually John, on Tentblogger recently referred to the value in teaching what you do. I really agree with what he said about actually doing something makes you a better teacher because you’ve done it first – you know the successes and pitfalls. So good.

Anyway, I think part of this ‘crazy have to make something’ feeling is also spurred on by the amazing blogs I follow. I have discovered that one can discover almost anything on line (yes, I am a bit slow catching on). In fact just the other day I was wondering what the measurements for bunting were. You know, those triangle shape string of flags that used to be seen at used car lots. Why, I hear you ask. Because my daughter has gone Union Jack mad and wanted Union Jack bunting for her room. Why else?

So, because I am such a great mummy I set out to conquer the world of bunting. So very much fun. I found some inspiring websites including this one. It was really all I needed as a little guide to the measurements. (Thanks Wendy!) In the end I made flag shaped bunting and a pencil case with the leftovers. Want to see pictures?


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