This month’s theme for the Scrapbook challenge is ‘flowers’. My heart sings. I love flowers! So I was flicking through my sketchbook, looking for a place to start on the theme of flowers, and decided it (the sketchbook) was completely uninspired. I came across one page that I covered with swirly type patterns when experimenting with a new Pitt artist pen. It seemed like a good place to start as it wasn’t really doing anything – just looking mediocre. And why not rework a piece – who knows what may come of it. Here it is, see what you think…

Swirly patterns with Pitt artist pen and flowers drawn over the top

So I got out my favourite media and went for it.

Orange watercolour loosely applied to the flowers
Daler Rowney liquid acrylic in 'hot mama red' added

Now we’re getting somewhere! A little more depth happening.

I decided it was a little too white…should have worked on page with a colour wash first perhaps.

Purple artist pigmented ink wash and then random liquid acrylic over the top

At this point I thought it looked quite good, only the photo looks decidedly messy.

Oh well, keep calm and carry on!

White Atelier interactive artists acrylic applied sparingly and the outline of a flower drawn with an old Berol writing pen
Close up
Finally shellac applied in loose drippy manner

I am quite pleased with the end result, even if it is only a sketch in my sketchbook. My brain is now ticking over with all the different ways this could be translated into a finished piece outside my sketchbook. And I have to say it has been great revisiting all those lovely mixed media bits and pieces. I particularly love the texture and interest the shellac gives. Can’t wait to do more!

What’s your favourite media? Have you ever tried putting together things that you might not usually use together? Serendipity…a happy accident! Love to see what you come up with.


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