Just a little bit of showing off…

This week we are finishing up with learning the proportions of a face and drawing them in different media. So just wanted to share how proud of the new class of Year 7’s I am. I just wanted to show off just a little bit! Here are their charcoal portraits from this week. (They have given me permission to share their work…maybe they were a little bit pleased too).

Some of them haven’t really tackled drawing a face like this before and almost all of them have never used charcoal as a drawing medium. Charcoal is such a great medium for layering and talking about shading and tonal qualities. It’s also quite forgiving and the kneadable erasers were a big hit! (Erasers are usually banned in the art room…) The portraits show a great attempt to incorporate all that we talked about and to create quite individual and realistic drawings.

It is so rewarding watching students developing their skills and confidence. They now understand a little bit more how to express themselves through their drawing. I think that might justify just a little bit of showing off. What do you think?


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