iPad apps of note (2)

I’ve got two for you this post. Sketchbook pro and Omnisketch.

Sketchbook pro comes from the guys at Autodesk and also comes as a program for your laptop or desktop computer. There is also an app for the mobile phone too. It is a brilliant application for drawing, painting and designing. It is also possible to import photos and other images to play around with them too. It allows for multiple layers to be built up whether by copying the original layer or importing another image. What I particularly love about it is how it allows for the creation of images in a variety of styles. If your style is to draw in a cartoon like way with flat shapes and strong outlines you can do that – and using the ‘fill’ tool to quickly colour the shapes. If your style is a more painterly one Sketchbook pro caters for that too. Look here for some amazing examples of painting with the app. As for me, I like incorporating shapes and colours and creating abstract style works. I used this app to sketch up an idea for a large painting. I then imported my drawing into another app to change the colours so I had a variety of ideas to choose from for my final piece.

These are just a few of the images made during the development of the artwork but I think you get the idea. A very useful app with multiple facets to explore.

The last three images in the gallery above are my Omnisketch experiments. I briefly wanted to mention Omnisketch as well because it too is a drawing application. But a very different one. Where Sketchbook pro allows for the artist’s complete style and interpretation, Omnisketch is a little more contained. You open it up to a blank page and are faced with a series of icons along the top. It takes some working out to discover what these do, but once you have that sorted it’s easy. There are a selection of ‘brushes’ to choose from, to draw with, but instead of them being your typical round or flat style brushes they are a series of geometric shapes and strings. Fascinating. These allow for the creation of some intricate and fascinating works. I think that’s why I love it – random, abstract and full of expression.

Anyway, let me know how you go. I’m always keen to see other people’s creations. Inspiring!

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