iPad apps of note (1)

As previously mentioned I thought I would post my thoughts about some of the great apps I use on my iPad. I’m thinking there might be more than one post, perhaps several, so watch this space! And I haven’t even got started on iBooks Author yet. Now there’s one I’m really excited about. In the last post I listed a few apps I like, so I’m just going to work through the list. One at a time. Hope you stay with me.

Artrage is a brilliant program that allows the creation of painting and drawing artworks. You can create an oil painting or acrylic style work or use a variety of other media to create a mixed media piece. There is a great deal of user flexibility from width and type of brush stroke to paper and colour choice. I should imagine if one has previous skill and knowledge in a particular medium it would really help in the use of this app. Conversely, I think it would also help someone who doesn’t know much about a medium to learn and develop their skills in that area. I have found if I email the file to my laptop, I can then print it. Resolution can be adjusted, it can be emailed in jpg or png and the image comes out pretty well. This is definitely one worth spending time with.


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