A word theme, subject and media…decisions decisions…

I have now established, at least within my own mind, how I am going to approach this year (that is, I am on a venture to attempt and have a go at things) I thought it was time to address the issue of a theme/subject and use  media in my artwork. I look at it this way because of my teaching background. In VCE Studio Arts, students are encouraged to come up with a theme and media for the year, that they wish to explore. They then have to articulate where they are going to go with that theme in a 2-3 page written document. I decided one year, to approach my own artwork in that way and I guess it has just stuck. Although I am a bit more meandering that I was. 

My artwork last year took the form of being quite exploratory. I would strongly recommend that kind of approach too. It really cemented where I wanted to go and where I should go, in terms of my abilities and passions.

I discovered a real affinity with Monotype printmaking. It meant I could make a somewhat random image and then purposefully embellish it at a later stage. This type of work really played to my sense of serendipity – happy accidents – and allowed me to work expressively and in an abstract style. I was also able to incorporate those other elements I love – colour and texture.

As I have watched other artists it has become clear to me that they achieve and are successful when they focus on a particular medium and theme for a length of time. Given that observation, I am seeking to combine last year’s developmental work with textiles and mixed media to consolidate my own oeuvre’ (life’s work). So there will definitely be printmaking and lots of mixed media – that’s the medium covered.

In terms of subject matter I don’t think I can help but continue on the way I have been going. There is something in me that is drawn to the landscape, to the intricacies of God’s creation and to the beauty of that creation. Further experimentation and developmental drawing will be the key. Plenty of collecting of ideas focussed around leaves and flowers and birds etc. Possibly not realistic representations but those that emphasise texture and colour (of course).

The trick will be combining all areas of inspiration into real life pieces. One of the ladies in the Sketchbook challenge recently blogged on turning doodles into art pieces. It’s an informative read, one I will incorporate into my teaching and hopefully into my own work. And one that I’m sure will turn up in another blog post sometime. That’s where the venture will really begin. How about you, where will you start? I would love to know, and see pictures.

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