Artistic tension…can I, can’t I?

Having just returned from collecting some work from an inner city gallery called bsg (Brunswick Street Gallery), I am finding myself questioning the worth of such an adventure. Was it really good enough to show, can I really do this art stuff etc.? – the artistic tension! It’s that balance between knowing that you do have some artistic talent (yes I can do this) and knowing that there is so much more to do and know. Having said that, it was pretty exciting walking into the gallery and seeing my artwork right there!

Work on display
artwork at the bsg

So, we wander in and the place is a hive of activity. People collecting work, people viewing work. There are some mighty talented people out there. People who definitely can do it. I guess they are the ones who can just keep going.

I am thinking I will just keep going. My husband says he can feel it in his bones. Just keep going, he says, something is going to happen, it’s going to be good – you can do it. (Isn’t it great to have people like that in your life?)  So I will. Not that there is really any question of stopping. I’ve been living in this artistic tension most of my life so why stop now? I read a quote from a friend’s Pinterest board (thanks Tanya) that encouraged me. Says it all really. Does anyone else live in that artistic tension? How do you work it out in your life?

Here’s the work from the exhibition.

These works exemplify what I have an affinity with the most. They are expressive, abstract, colourful, meaningful. I can express meaning and feeling through this visual form by use of line, colour, movement and texture. Two of the works, ‘Beaumaris’ and ‘Empty spaces’ are on paper and I began with a monotype print, which I then hand coloured with ink or coloured pencil. The third, ‘Somedays’ is a mixed media piece on bleached cotton. I love mixing it all up and seeing what happens. I thrive on sitting down and laying out in an expressive, visual way what I often can’t express in words. Makes me think – I can do this.

I would love to hear about how others live with the artistic tension of can I/can’t I? Leave a comment.


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