I just love doodling

So far the Scrapbook challenge has encouraged me to simply sit down with my visual diary and a pen and just start making marks. As many as I can come up with myself. When I run out of ideas I look around me for other  inspiration. The Challenge blog is also incredibly inspiring for ideas – often just one random shape leads to a whole page of great doodling. I’m even starting to look at objects around my home in a different way – definitely doodle food!

Here’s what I’ve come up with so far.

Random mark making in sketchbook

Some time last year I picked up a very old empty and a little bit neglected visual diary. I love it because it is strong and bound and reminds me of my uni days when life was all about sketching and art and ideas and not about dusting and washing and ironing.

So, having found this memory jogger I attempted to become inspired to fill it with amazingly creative images. Instead  I was confronted by it’s whiteness. I resorted to an idea Kim Thittachai suggests in her book “Experimental textiles” www.kimthittichai.com  – I painted the pages with ink washes of random and favourite colours. Great suggestion! Not only were the pages bright and colourful their texture was smooth and shiny. It became easy to scribble and draw and doodle because they were not longer pristine and perfect pages that prompted perfection in the drawings that were laid down.

My next little issue was where to actually start with the doodling. I went back to the stuff I like – is there any easier place to start? For me this was with leaves and flowers and organic flowing lines. Quickly followed by random wavy lines and squiggles. After that I began looking at the inspiration found on the Sketchbook challenge blog. Thank you ladies! Perhaps this is not as fully developed as it could be but it is a start and now I’m on the way there’s no stopping me!


These are pretty simple and quick sketches but I will add more – more colour, more detail. They are images that can be used, reused – evolved.
By far the one I love the most is a doodling that came from the cover of the Dec/Jan Donna Hay Magazine. Such a beautiful mag that is a visual delight. The box of Christmas cookies on the cover made me want to bake but also inspired me to draw. I can already see textile translations of this image in my minds eye…
Inspired by shape
Cookies and drawing

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