A new year…new intentions…

Ah well, maybe not new intentions just a refreshing of the old ones. I do feel I have gone into the new year with greater determination. Holidays are wonderful things. It is so easy to forget the ritual of everyday school and housewife life and indulge in the things I love. Now to incorporate all of that in some creative and thoughtful way. In other words, now that I have been sketching so much – not quite everyday- how can I keep up with that when the pace of life speeds up in February? I am looking forward to the school year though – it’s so exciting to watch students develop their own creative voice and skills…

But enough of that. My great excitement at the moment is the Sketchbook challenge, 2012. Set up by an amazing lady in the USA and fed by some other creative and amazing ladies, this is a blog that can keep you on track creatively. I am so keen. Check it out sketchbookchallenge.blogspot.com or click on the image below:



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